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Map Visual - Circles not disappearing when a location is selected



I am currently using a map visual to display a locations on the map.

This uses both the longitude and latitude data to generate these points - I want to display the general area of these locations in a circle without revealing the exact details on the map.


Currently I use the "Max Zoom" in the "Circle" section under "Format" to hide the circle when the map is zoomed in too close.

This seems to work fine, but if the location has been selected - this setting is ignored and the circle remains on the map, even when it's zoomed in past the zoom threshold.


If we can't currently hide the circle if the location is selected, is there an alternative solution that would allow us to display circles while preventing users to select these circles?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you

Status: New
Community Support



As far as I know, it is not yet supported. You may contact support at

 and share feedback via Ideas.