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Large datasets render computer unusable

I have a pbix file that has some very large datasets in it. When I attempt to refreshall on that dataset, powerbi merrily goes off and collects all that data... and then pbidesktop and the mashup engine cheerfully consumes the entirity of my CPU and RAM, rendering my computer completely unusable. This is to the point where I cannot even use a separate machine to remotely list processes or kill processes so that I can reconnect to the machine in question. 


Obviously this is very frustrating - and doubly so because after physically powering down the machine and turning it back on, the recovery file that pbix has left behind - the first thing it does upon opening is to refresh all. So do I let that complete and risk my computer being unsuable in a few hours, or do I stop it and have no data to work with? This, as one can imagine, is very frustrating.

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You may take a look at Optimization guide for Power BI.


Sure, that's great, but why is powerbi rendering my computer inaccessible ok?