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Cannot sign in to help as pro user, when I sign in, I am redirected to my powerbi dashboard

Hi, I have a peculiar problem which doesn't seem to correspond to any thread I could find. I am a Pro user with a trial license. I want to raise a support ticket.

When I visit the support centre at, I am not logged in. So I cannot raise a ticket. However, when in click on sign in, I am simply redirected to my powerbi service page . This happens also if I sign out, and then try to sign in at the support page. So I am never able to visit the support page as a pro user.

I contacted Windows general support, who showed me how to make myself an admin for my account, which I did. I thought this had resolved the problem, but it hasn't.

The only thread I could find that seemed to resemble this is here: But I was unable to follow the advice given there - I simply could not navigate to the page referenced by the suggested solution.

Has anyone else experienced a problem of this nature?


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Community Support

@axfreeman ,


I'm afraid pro trial is not pro license so ccannot submit support ticket. I would suggest you contact with group admin and ask admin to submit the ticket using pro account.



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hi Jimmy Tao,


So if I understand right, Pro trial does not come with support, but a paid Pro subscription does come with support?

I am the admin of my account (I made myself the admin) so I assume what you are saying is that in order to get Pro support, the admin has to have a pro account?

It makes sense, but I didn't see this anywhere in the documentation. I just encountered the mysterious behaviour described above. It would be handy if this was more explicit, either in the documentation or the behaviour.