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Issue - Cannot seem to edit DataFlows Settings on Pro Workspaces.

Was wondering if anyone is facing this issue? For all my Pro Workspaces, I cannot seem to edit the dataflow settings as they're all grayed out. 


They are going on about their pre scheduled refreshs properly as they should. I am also able to make edits in Datasets for pro workspaces. But cannot seem to make changes in pro dataflow. My Premium workspaces (via PPU) are working just fine. 




Status: Delivered

Hi @Imrans123 

Fix has been deployed. End Time: 07/23/2022 8:33 PM PST . Please check whether it is normal in your Service .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Same issue. Multiple tenants.

Regular Visitor

Same exact issue here.

Thanks for addressing it to Microsoft.

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Same issue here on all my DataFlows.

DataSet seem unaffected as all their Settings options are available.

Please fix ASAP!


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Same issue, has been a problem for a couple of days now

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Support page notes a fix should be in place by end-of-day 07/22/2022. 

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Same issue here as of Monday (7/18) for us. Thanks for posting that a fix is coming by 7/22.

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I am facing the same issue. 


The refreshes are happening properly. However, I cannot edit the settings for the dataflow.



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Having the same issue

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I'd take a look at your datasources now. Checking this morning, I now have the ability to edit my scheduling settings for my dataflows.


I'm still having one dataset continuously timeout on the refresh, and know that's a different issue they're solutioning for, but it appears the disabled settings may be resolved now.

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Me too! Phew