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Is Power BI Service currently down?

We are receiving multiple reports from users across the globe and are unable to access reports and dashboards.  See screen below.




Status: New
New Member

Same issue here. 'Something went wrong, try again later'

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I've got the same problem...

Advocate III

Seems like the issue is now resolved but Microsoft handling of these types of outages is outragous.  Seems like the outage was for more than 3 hours.  I saw the message appear for a few minutes on the service outage screen but is no longer there.  Completely unacceptable support.  We needs proactive alerting, information througout and full RCA on these types of incidents.  I look forward to someone from MS replying to this post.  

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This seems to be a problem again. Saving reports does not work right now. It just grays out and does not save anything in the end. 

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Encounter this error just 5 mins ago during the supposed schedule refresh for dataflows.

Status code: 500
Time: Wed Jan 20 2021 00:00:02 GMT+0800 (Singapore Standard Time)
Service version: ---
Client version: ---
Cluster URI:



Community Support



This issue usually goes away quickly. You may keep an eye on the Awareness.

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Still experiencing the problem.

There was change on support page for status of outage saying "No issues currently", but the problem still persisted. Now, the status is again changed to "...may experience issues...". Seems ambiguous and not very helful.

Advocate III

Down in here Ireland too, North Euro