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Huge Problem! Publish to web not working

Hi all! 

😥I'm desperate, please help!!


As part of my job, I make reports on Power BI and give the published to web embed code to my clients because thay are for display on their public websites. 


The problem: Up until 2021, I could always generate the embed codes by publish to web on power bi service. Now after I click publish nothing happens, and every other time I try, a message pops up and says I need permission from admin, BUT We did everthing there is to do posted online, she gave the permission but we still can't publish to web. Regardless of the report and data source of reports. 


Resumed: I have all the permissions form admin but error stills shows up when publishing to web. I haven't been able to generate embed codes public to web since 2021.  

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Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

Please make sure your power bi adminisrator has enabled 'Publish to web' feature for all organizations in Admin portal, not for some specific people:

publish to web.png


In addition, please consider these limitations about when publishing to web:

Publish to web is supported for the vast majority of data sources and reports in the Power BI service. However, the following kinds of reports aren't currently supported or available with Publish to web:

  • Reports using row-level security.
  • Reports using any Live Connection data source, including Analysis Services Tabular hosted on-premises, Analysis Services Multidimensional, and Azure Analysis Services.
  • Reports using a shared dataset that is stored in a different workspace from the report.
  • Shared and certified datasets.
  • Reports shared to you directly or through an organizational content pack.
  • Reports in a workspace in which you aren't an edit member.
  • "R" and Python visuals aren't currently supported in Publish to web reports.
  • Exporting data from visuals in a report that has been published to the web.
  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals.
  • Q&A for Power BI visuals.
  • Reports containing report-level DAX measures.
  • Single sign-on data query models.
  • Secure confidential or proprietary information.
  • The automatic authentication capability provided with the Embed option doesn't work with the Power BI JavaScript API. For the Power BI JavaScript API, use the user owns data approach to embedding.
  • Admins can block public internet access, as described in Private links for accessing Power BI. In that case, the Publish to Web option is grayed out for your tenant in the Power BI admin portal.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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@v-yingjl thank you so much! I was able to resolve the issue.