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Highlighting disaappears when navigating bookmarks but data remains filtered

The issue shown here deals with creating bookmarks to show only certain charts at a time on a page. The idea being that we can get lots of charts on one page by clicking on buttons to show the data in different ways.

Step 1 shows a simple dataset being filtered by clicking on Car 3 in the chart. You can see the table updates to show only Car 3 data.
Step 2 shows what appears when you create a bookmark that hides chart one and shows chart two. This bookmark is linked to the bookmark button at the top so when you click on Show Chart 2, it hides the first chart and shows the second chart. This works correctly in that the second chart is still filtered by the original selection of Car 3 even though the original chart is now hidden.
Step 3 is where the issue is. If I click on the button to take me back to showing just chart 1, you can see that the data is still filtered by only car 3 by looking at the table, but the original chart has now reset back to not being filtered. This makes the end user believe there are no filters currently applied to the chart but in reality the data is still being filtered by car 3 and the chart is not displaying correctly.
Overall this issue severely limits the usefulness of bookmarks to get more information on to a single page. In the use case shown here, the UI is designed to get multiple charts onto a single page by using buttons to control which chart is shown. Without this functionality, all charts have to be shown at the same time on the page which can lead to extremely slow load times and also poor UI design if there are more than 6-8 charts on one page needed.

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Hi @eric_drucker,


Would you please go to Bookmarks pane and click View to see these two bookmarks results? I guess the bookmark for button Show Chart 1 doesn't save the status of chart 2 highlighted by Car 3. 



Based on my test, if the bookmark for button Show Chart 1 saves the status of chart 1 highlighted by Car 3, click on the button Show Chart 1 will show desired results. You can test with our sample report.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Regular Visitor





I believe that you have not understood the issue completely. Each bookmark needs to have the data saved in an unfiltered state since every user is going to want to come into PowerBI and view the cars differently. I can't have the bookmarks prefiltered by one of the cars. All cars need to be shown in the saved bookmark state. Therefore, I have unchecked the data option in the bookmark settings since I don't want the data to be saved in the bookmark. What I am looking for is the end user to be able to live click on a chart to highlight it. If they click on Car 3, then click on show chart 2, then go back to show chart 1, Car 3 is no longer highlighted. Another user may start by clicking on Car 2 first, then clicking show chart 2, then back to show chart 1 and again car 2 is no longer highlighted. In this scenario, you can't save the charts with prefiltered data as bookmarks because each user will highlight different cars when they come to the report. Can you confirm you are seeing the same issue and suggest a method to fix or workaround?




New Member

Hi both,


I have the same issue with bookmarks.

Strangely enough, the issue is not in Power BI desktop but in the published version of the report on the Web.

Can any of you relate to the problem and explain more about it?


Kind regards