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External Users unable to access reports that are shared with them

I have a Power BI report which is shared with external users. They have previously been able to see the report. All people are correctly listed on the "Share Report", "Access" list but some seem to be able to see this and some can't 

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@kirkewing ,


Please check if all the external users have pro license/pro license expired. Also please check if there's any RLS confuguration in report you shared with.



Jimmy Tao

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The exact same thing has happened to me over the weekend. The user has a PBI Pro license assigned to them as shown below but they cannot see the reports/apps etc. @kirkewing - did you find a fix to your issue?



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@v-yuta-msft We are experiencing this same issue, primarily out of workspaces that have Premium Capacity assigned so external users do not need a Pro license. Everything worked as it should until about 2 days ago. Any assistance would be appreciated. Not all external users are affected, only a subset cannot log in and receive this error:


However, this same process was working fine last week and had been for at least a year. 

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 We are experiencing this same issue. Any update on this?

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We are also experiencing the same.

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We're experiencing this since yesterday as well. External users cannot access our App that they have had stable access to for months.


Current workaround for the App issue is updating the app. Users who log out and log in after updating the app seem to be able to access it again until the next day.

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Our guest users have not been able to access either since a couple of days ago. Shared workspaces and apps have dissapeared from powerbi portal.


We have found the following workaround, access shared resources by an url containing the tenant id.


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@ogarcialop Okay thanks a tonne I'll give that a shot!


I am still having this issue. My external users have valid Power BI trials running and the behavor is inconsistent with the same user, on the same report, sometimes able to access the report and sometimes getting the following error:


I do not have row level security enabled. I have tried to get these users to access different reports and they have experienced the same errors with these reports.




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So, it's February 2021 and I'm still running into the same issue:

  1. External guest accounts with a valid pro license assigned.
  2. Basic workspace (not premium).
  3. We tried sharing the report and using the tenant URL to login.
  4. It works for some guest users, some not.

 This is very frustrating.