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Error when updating composite model credentials to another Power BI Dataset

Hi All,

Starting today we are experiencing issues when updating the credentials for a Power BI dataset in a composite model. When we try to re-enter the credentials we get the following error:

Failed to update data source credentials: AnalysisServices: Failed to resolve the core XMLA server

This only seems to happen when we publish a new dataset or try to re-enter the credentials on a published (composite) dataset which connects to an existing Power BI dataset (through the API endpoint). See below screenshot:


Furthermore I'm experiencing this issue on multiple Power BI tenants in the Western Europe region, there seems to be a change in the Service which I can't get my hands to.

Can anyone confirm this is a bug in the Power BI service so that we can get a fix from Microsoft?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Ron Verhoeven


Status: Investigating

Hi @Fenalytics,


We don’t see any statement or known issue said that it’s a bug. If this issue is urgent for you, you could consider submitting a support ticket in Power BI Support if you are a Pro user. Then, there will be a support engineer to help you troubleshoot on this issue.

The link of Power BI Support: Support | Microsoft Power BI

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to How to create a support ticket in Power BI - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best Regards,    

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

Regular Visitor

Hi all,

I found a "workaround" that consists in “redo” the report, I had to do this because I can’t wait for microsoft to solve it.

Mi report has different sources, two pbi datasets and two excels files from a sharepoint.

For me the problem appears when I join the datasets with the excels files, so I did the following:

  • Copy the original pbix file.
  • Change the name of the file.
  • In power Query disable the load of the excel files. (careful with this, you will lose custom columns and metrics associated to that table)
  • Upload the composite model (only two pbi datasets) to the workspace with the final credentials (because the error still remains trying to change the credentials) .


                      (no error in the datasets credentials)


               (but same error if you want to change the credentials)

  • Now you can program an actualization (every 1 hour for example)


  • Enable the excels files in power query and recreate columns and metrics that have been erased.
  • Upload the report (i changed the name, maybe only deleting and uploading again works)

When you go to data source credentials you will have the original error.



You will not be able to make changes in the automatization, but the previous automatization (1hour) still remains.





   (last update and next update, the automatization still works)


Also, you can force an actualization and it works, I validate that the actualization is correct by making different changes in the data sources.



   (historic updates, on demand and programmed)


I understand all the problems that this workaround has (new name of the pbix/report, new url, redo the report...) but right now it seems to work for me.

Fingers crossed for this workaround still works tomorrow, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.

Hope this info could help someone.



Frequent Visitor

Hi Guys,
I currently experience the same issue. It's the same design of composite model with Directquery Power BI dataset and Import Excel data stored in Sharepoint.

And we don't use any calculated column referencing fields from Directquery Power BI Dataset.
It used to work, so we set scheduled refresh, currently still runs.


Just that we can't edit the scheduled anymore, or create new.
Has something changes in Power BI Service, cause this not to work now?

Helper III

Hello, Yup, there are work arounds for time being. As @sixto_jansa mentioned we do all these work arounds. I did simialr to that. I re-created my reports wiyhtout using Direct query. Instead I used that as a seperate data source to connect. ofcourse I had to re-do all the meassures and caluclated columns etc.. So for each case it would be different how it works the work around. I couldnt wait for the fix so I used this work around. Until the issue is fixed we need to stick around.


I got an update from Microsoft saying they are still working on it and the fix would be in 1 week. So hopefully this will get fixed.


@maxxxm Yes something has happened and this issue affecetd globaly. With different senarios. I have reached out to Microsoft and they said the fix will be established soon in a week.


Thank You all. Will keep posted if there is any update.

Regular Visitor

Microsoft has shared timeline for the resolution. I received the below message from support team yesterday- 

"We have just received an update from our product team that the issue will be resolved by the mid of October."

In the meantime - I am using "Power Automate" schedule flow to refresh my dataset, this workaround can help you as well. 

New Member

Any update on this?

Helper III

Hello @sjoerdberendsen ,


Microsoft has given ETA a week time. So hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Thank You.

Helper I

same issue. Multiple Power BI Datasets, some dataflows and a web connector

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Following, some issue here

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Same Problem ....

Frequent Visitor

Same issue