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Error when loading data in Datamart



I am trying to add dataflows to a datamart, however when loading up the data to the datamart, I am getting an error that my date column is not a valid date/time field. Please see error below.


Wrapping things up

ErrorMessageString was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
HttpStatusCode 500


I am suspecting it is because the locale seems to be resetting itself (to United States) after you load data in the dataflow.


Could you please have a look?





Status: Accepted

Thanks for @Anonymous '' sharing, users who have faced with the same issue could try his workaround:


It assumes a valid table and a string column list as parameters and assumes the columns are of type text.


Feel free to use and adapt it (e.g.making it more generic for different TZs).


Function TransformSQLDTZ () :


Quelle = (Tab as table, cols as list) => let
Quelle1 = Table.ReplaceValue(Table.ReplaceValue(Table.ReplaceValue(Tab,"+01:00","",Replacer.ReplaceText,cols),"T"," ",Replacer.ReplaceText,cols),"+02:00","",Replacer.ReplaceText,cols)

Implementation  (query code snippet, copy to query code, adapt "StepBeforeDateConversion" to your previous step name) :

ChangeDatestoText = Table.TransformColumnTypes(StepBeforeDateConversion,{{"AnalyticsUpdatedDate", type text}, {"CompletedDate", type text}, {"StartedDate", type text}}),
TransformSQLDTZ = TransformSQLDTZ(ChangeDatestoText, {"AnalyticsUpdatedDate","CompletedDate", "StartedDate"}),

After those amendments you should be able to import datetimes/datetimezones successfully into datamart (as text values).



Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Advocate II

@onkelphill still no good for me.

Very frustrating to be honest.

Regular Visitor

Ok I think I found an easy work around. I was having the exact same problem with date columns not working due to the originals being non-US region. You also can't directly modify the table because it is a linked entity.

You can get around this using the method mentioned here: How to modify a linked entity in Power BI dataflows - RADACAD


Put Simply:

  1. Create a new table as a Blank Query
  2. enter just one line "= PowerBI.Dataflows()"
  3. Right-click on the Query in the queries pane, and UNSELECT "Enable load"
  4. Right-click on the Query in the queries pane, and select "Reference"
  5. In the new query, Navigate to the Workspace/Dataflow/Table that you want
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for as many tables as you want.

It's very odd that this works, seeing as it seemingly is not any different to just loading the table from Dataflow natively



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@hwmccormack AMAZING, this works!!!!! Finally, I can actually start testing Datamarts.


Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Hello @StephanB12 , the error still persists but alternatively I recommend handling all date formats as a decimal number to avoid the error and change the format in your reports.


Hope It helps you.


Advocate I

@Carlos_Mx_04 , thanks! I managed to get it working a little while back, but will keep this in mind ifrunning into this issue again.