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Embeded Report shows outlines while hovering over report

I just started noticing that in my embeded reports, when I hover over any object (e.g. visual, shape, textbox) it will be outlined in white, much like it would do in Power BI desktop. I feel like this just started happening very recently and I would like to somehow turn it off as it takes my users out of the experience a bit. Does anyone know how to turn it off?


default veiw (cursor not over top):


Hovering over card visual with cursor:




Status: Delivered

Hi @SethB 

This issue has been fixed , please check it in your report .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Regular Visitor

I am also experiencing this issue in my published reports on the Power BI service, and have yet to find a fix.

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @SethB 

Embeded report ? Can you explain it in detail ? Is the embedded report you mentioned a report generated by these three methods or a report created in Power BI Embedded Capacity ? Will this be the case with regular reports ? 


I tested the regular report and everything seems to be working fine .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Advocate II

Absolutely I can. This is happening with every report embeded in our own website, using the iframe received from the "Website or Portal" embed option. However, I'm also seeing it happen within Power BI Service itself in regular reading mode.

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Is there an update or work around for this? This outlining of every report visual is occurring on both our DEV and PROD versions of our embedded report. No updates have been made to the PROD version since last week, and even it is displaying an outline around each report visual when the user hovers over an item.





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To further attest, I have attached an image of a card that is in a report published to the Power BI service, and upon hovering over the item, an outline appears. This occurs to any text box, button, card, drop down etc.Card_Outline.png

New Member

I have the same problem as well, my published power bi dashboards are showing an outline whenever i hover my mouse to a shape, card, etc... This happened when i went to visit my Power BI dashboard today, previously it wasn't like this...


I thought it was my problem, i got my colleagues to try on their PC their power BI dashboards. They are also facing the same issue...


Please help..!




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I have same issue - in all reports published to Power BI servcice the objects show outline on hover  - this was not like this when the reports were designed and it's a problem.

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You can see this happening on my reports, both when embedded and not.
The first is embedded using the powerbi-client-react, and the second is simply going to the report in the workspace.

I can certainly provide more info if necessary.



Advocate I

I noticed this too, and it is quite irritating. I hope this was an accident, and they didn't make this change on purpose.