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Deployment pipelines - unable to use local excel file as data source

Issue: When you use a local excel file in building a report in power bi desktop, moving it into the "Test" pipeline workspace strips the data and there isn't a way to update it.


To reproduce:

  1. create a new report in pbi desktop
  2. get data --> excel --> pick a local file
  3. create a table from the data
  4. publish into "Development" pipeline, verify report - data is there
  5. deploy report/dataset into "Test", open report - data is empty with no way to refresh
Status: New
Community Support



This dataset requires a properly configured gateway in order to refresh. By the way, take a look at deploying content to an empty stage.

Frequent Visitor

@v-chuncz-msft - my gateway is up and functional, however I'm not sure if that applies for local excel file sources. How would the gateway reach this file that originated on a local pc?


Thanks for the reply,


Regular Visitor

Looking for the answer to this riddle.  HELP??

Not applicable

I am also looking to answer this same problem. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with the pipeline?

Frequent Visitor

@Anonymous  - I was never able to find resolution to this issue - I've given up on deployment pipelines for now.

Helper IV

I'm having same issue.

Any resolution?


Frequent Visitor

@RichFlorida - i gave up on pipelines - never found a solution.

Helper IV



I hear you! I’m heading down same path...
I'm finding out they could be more of a headache and a burden.

Advocate I

The pipeline is an empty promise, our report are built with csv/excel sources from Pbi desktop,  so no way to actualize the data once it's in the Test phase. Why isn't there an option to copy the data as well. I went to all the trouble to ask premium spaces, set the the pipeline for nothing, just a waste of time.