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Dataflow (preview) - becomes mm.dd.yyyy when consuming data in PBI Desktop

Hi, I am trying dataflows for the first time. Greate feautre by the way! Here is my issue:


When creating an entity in dataflow all looks well:



Note the dateformat is


When trying to consume the same data fra PBI Desktop the date is changed to mm.dd.yyyy and the import is not correct.


This is the same data in Power BI Desktop:




Note that SID 02/101 has swapped the dd with mm, and that SID 02/1015 failes because month 18 don't exists.


I guess this is a locale/language issue, but I cant find out where to change it.


Pls advice!

Trond Erik Bones

Status: New
Advocate IV

Any update on this it still seems to be an issue. Power BI Service Dataflows are converting the date to the wrong format.

Advocate II

@dcresp I'm not personally experiencing this issue anymore. UK dates retrieved through a gateway have been coming through fine for me using the English United Kingdom locale since approximately 12th April.

Advocate II

@dcresp The same goes for me. This has been working for the last few months with Norwegain locale.

Advocate III

Same issue with german input dates. DD-MM-YYYY. Source (MS NAV 13 ODATA webservice) is connected via current gateway. Everything is set to german region / language.

Till last friday I had to set the culture in the dataflows to englisch-USA. That stopped working. Any combination - switch culture for dataflows, set different input date locales while converting the text into datetime failes while refreshing. Even though the preview and saving the dataflow looks good.

This is a mess and has to be fixed this week, since dataflows aren't a preview feature anymore. Many of us have transferred the business logic to the dataflows and now can't rely on it.


Frequent Visitor

Issue remains unresolved in dataflows converting text dates of format YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY to the date format configured for English (Australia) locale. All data sources are configured in Sharepoint online and On-prem data gateway as Australian locale. The dataflow does not show any error on the datatype conversion step (perhaps dates within the row preview range are OK) but a column sort by date appears to force the error. All scheduled dataflow refreshs are failing. Ticket is lodged with MS support.