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Custom Visual tooltips not shown on dashboards


When a custom visual is pinned to a dashboard tooltips are not displayed on mouse over, while native visuals can display their tooltips correctly.

In all other contexts (included dashboard in focus mode) tooltips work as expected.


We noticed this issue testing our custum visuals and also pinning to a dashboard the sampleBarChart visual provided by Microsoft.
Debugging the code we noticed that the method is called as usual in tooltipServiceWrapper.ts, but nothing is shown.

Status: Accepted
Helper I

It's 2021, but there is no update on this topic. It's ridiculous from Microsoft's side. It was posted 4 YEAR AGO!!!

Frequent Visitor

we have exactly the same issue and need this

Frequent Visitor

Same here, would love this to get fixed

Frequent Visitor

It would be really nice if this could be corrected.  I am using dashboards to merge and present reports and it would make presentations a lot more powerful if the custom tooltips I have created worked.  I am forced to decide if switching reports (to get customized tooltips) is better or if presenting the information in a unified dashboard is better.  This seems like a no brainer of a feature enhancement.

Not applicable

When will this be updated? Dashboards are frustratingly constrained enough without custom tooltips working.

Regular Visitor

any news on this issue @v-haibl-msft ?

Frequent Visitor

Is there any update on this, seems to be an issue for a while now?

Memorable Member

I am facing the same issue, is this been fixed?

New Member

Hi, any update and fixed for this issue?