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Conditional formatting for Data label colors at line level

When using conditional formatting for data labels, as introduced in July 2021, the overall number is used for the calculation, instead of the line number average.


Using "data colors > default color > fx" gives the expected behavior. Bars with an average value above 50 are green, others red:



However, when choosing "data labels > color > fx", the same setup results in all data labels shown in a green font:



Expected behavior is that a bar with an average value below 50 shows a data label with a red font color.

Thus, using the context specific calculated value for that line/bar.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @Barendnu ,

Have reproduced it in my side and submited internal for waiting to confirm this issue(ICM: 257982572). Would update here as soon as possible if there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Helper II

I'm after the same thing, any news on this?

Helper I

I too am awaiting a solve for this. For those of us that work with patient Health Data this is a tremendous asset when statistical de-identification is not possible due to sample size. 

Advocate III

@v-yingjl : I'm curious if there's any update about this? We want to use this to show the result of a significance test, so that's why this would be really welcome to have 🙂

Not applicable

Hey Microsoft, very basic formatting feature needed... one year after release conditional formatting on Line Graphs still needed.

Regular Visitor

I do not know if this will help anyone, but you might try doing a "reset to defaults" on the data labels and then go through setting up again.  What I have found is that if a conditional formatting for value color is chosen and set, and then a field gets added(say to the Y Axis to show differing categories like yes/no above), then new edits to the datalabel color will not take effect because a previous setting is still there it would seem(artifact setting?).


I found this while trying to make a simple example of an issue I am still having with datalabels conditional formatting of color using a measure value.  This however did not fix my issue particular issue, but I thought at first I had replicated my bug of where it was having different text color value than the actual measure value.

Advocate III

Thanks Dbrothers, I can confirm that this issue is fixed in (at least) the current version and now works as expected for me 👍