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ChicletSlicer Visual not updated

Hi there

I've got a Dashbord where I use Microsoft ChicletSlicer 1.6.3. I've tried to update it to the latest version. Once loaded the new one (Version 2.0.0) it seems OK, however when I save the file the reopen it, while pressing the About Button on the visual I still have previous version displayed.

So it seems the visual has not been updated, while instead if I try to update it again I've got the message "the report already contains  a copy of this visual 2.0.0 ..."

Just to double check if this is not a real problem, so the visual is updated even if the version displayed in the About is the old one

Thanks in advance



Status: Investigating

Hi @Frankie_Vannini ,


Are you referring to the prompt that appeared when adding this visual?




Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn


Frequent Visitor

I experience the same issues as well, I am eagerly awaiting the API version update but this way we can wait forever

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I'm facing the same issue. 


I’m seeing the same message more than 10 days but it never upgraded to 2.0.2 version.


Would you please let me know when Chiclet Slicer version – 2.0.2 is available for upgrade

Helper II
Helper II

Mine also says it successfully imported but still on old 1.6.3 version.

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@v-xiaoyan-msft, can you offer an update?  Its been months with no response or futher communication.  Is there an updated ETA?

Helper III

I'm experiencing the same issue all of you are reporting.
I've downloaded the chiclet file and imported  successfully  but still on old 1.6.3 version.
Are there any updates?

Thank you

Regular Visitor

same here. any updates?

New Member

Hi All, 

I am also facing the issue on the slicer. its been 4 months I am looking for help via microsoft. Could you please someone help us if solution was found. 



Helper II
Helper II

I received a response back from Microsoft:


" is undergoing a testing process. Sorry for the confusing notification message you can observe. For now, version 1.6.3 is still our official version. Don't worry, as soon as we will publish a new version, you will receive it automatically. "


Frequent Visitor

Still an issue as of October 6, 2023. My chiclet visualizations are broken and there is seemingly no way to repair them.