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Calculated column works in Power BI desktop but not Power BI service. Visual won't load.

I have a pie chart visual in my report that uses a calculated column as one of the fields. Up until now it stopped working in Power BI service. Nothing has changed on the report and it has always worked in the past. The visual works fine in Power BI desktop but when published to Service it gives me an error. Any ideas why it would stop working suddenly?




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Hi @chang_B 

It’s a known issue . The engineers are actively working on this issue and I will come back with an update if there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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I have the same problem with my composite model. I have an error both with TODAY() and NOW() functions.

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Hello, I have the same problem with my  model. But there is no TODAY or NOW in my measureIssue.png

@Ailsa-msft I have added a calculated column to another visualisation. The problem remained after publication. Issue 1.png

The calculation columns (red and green) do not differ from each other in measures. They only use data from neighbouring columns in the database

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Hi @KDV , I have also noticed the same error when using the Format() function and it could be that one of the fuctions is uesd in the dependancies of this column.

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I have been experiencing the same issue in a handful of my reports starting on 2/17/2023. I have been able to narrow down the issue in mine. My reports are set up with a Mixed Storage Mode with a local model to add a calculated column to a table that comes from a DirectQuery. Calculated columns that use the TODAY() argument in the calculation stop functioning correctly when the report is refreshed. If I republish the report the report will function as normal until the next refresh. Then the calculation fails again and reports the errors that the OP mentions. In one report I was able to remove TODAY() from the calculation and the report works properly again. Other reports do not have a viable workaround.

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This is happening for us as well. Took a ton of time from our team to track this down to the use of the DAX TODAY() function. Everything had been working fine and all of a sudden many of our published reports are now void of any content due to the use of the TODAY() function. Everything works fine on the desktop. This is a major issue for us.  What's the ETA on having this resolved?



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This problem happend to me too, i added 2 calculated columns in the direct query Dim_Calendar. Every scheduled refresh will cause the problem.


My temporary solution is change the storage to import mode until the issues can be solve, 

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 @v-tangjie-msft@v-caitlyn-mstf,@Ailsa-msft could you please provide any estimated time of resolving this issue? Communication with stakeholders is difficult as it's hard to explain that this is an external bug without any timeline of resolving... 😞

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For anyone needing an immediate fix, change the storage mode of the problem table from DirectQuery to Import. It was a bit messy to do but fixed the issue with the TODAY() calcs on the Dim Date table I was using.

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Changing the storage mode to import may be an option for some, but it is not for us. We support around 150 analysts that are all connected to master / shared datatsets ( DirectQuery for PBI datasets and AS). Changing to an import mode is not an option for them as they cannot connect directly to the outside sources.  We really need to have this bug that was introduced resolved.