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BUG : Histogram visual not working with SSAS cube in direct connect mode.

It is not possible to add any values either measures or dimensional attributes to the Histogram visulisation and hence it does not display when connecting using SSAS Direct connect. See image below with highlighted in blue lines the inputs and the visual selected.





Please test this using a direct conection to SSAS cube to possiby AdventureWorks.


This is using SSAS Direct connect mode. 

My SSAS cube has been built with Visual Studio 2015 Version 14.0.25420.01 Update 3.  It is running on SQL server analysis services version 3.0.4206.0.

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Hi @inayatkhan,


Based on my test, the Values bucket can't have a measure neither in import mode or SSAS live connection, it needs a numeric field. The Frequency bucket can place with a measure or numeric field. 


In your scenario, please update the Power BI desktop and Histogram custom visual to the latest version then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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1. Had already downloaded the lateset histogram chart and I repeated the process based on your request and it does not work. It will not allow the numeric fields in the Fields to be ticked when focus is on the Histogram unlike the example shown here at the 4:30 point in the video.


2. Did you test the Histogram against a SSAS multidimensional cube in direct connect mode ?


3. From your answer I think you are saying the Histogram is not designed to work in SSAS direct connect mode ? Is my understanding of your answer correct ? 

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Hi . 


Any further update against this issue ?


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Hi, Is there any update on this BUG as I downloaded today 23 May 2018 the latest version from Marketplace but it still doesn't allow the measures to be dragged into the values section of the visual configuration.