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As a guest user, I cannot edit settings of a dataflow

I am a guest user in a different tenant. I cannot go to "Schedule Refresh" or "Settings" of a dataflow to take it over, because when I click the relevant button, nothing happens!

I've tried

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Nothing works! I can't even manually change the url to because it prompts me to sign in again, and then says I don't have access, which is false!

And it's completely fine in my own tenant!

Status: New
Community Support

@Daniil ,


If you need to configure the dataflow entity in the workspace, you need to be assigned the permissions to manage the workspace content. Please ask the workspace owner(admin) to follow steps below:

  1. In the Power BI service, in the top menu, select help (?) then About Power BI.

  2. Look for the value next to Tenant URL. Share the tenant URL with your allowed guest users.power-bi-about-dialog.png  





Jimmy Tao


Kudo Kingpin

Please note that I'm not talking about editing dataflows -- I am talking about editing settings of dataflows, which is necessary to take over. I have all the necessary permissions. If I didn't have them, I would not be able to see the relevant buttons. I have been able to edit settings in the past, but now the user interface just doesn't do anything -- it's not responding to my clicking buttons.

The behavior is the same with and without the new look.

Have you actually tried editing settings of a dataflow as a guest user in a different tenant?

Regular Visitor

2 years later and I am having this issue. I have created dataflows in the external org workspace fine, but I cannot take over a dataflow when another internal user has taken ownership.


Please help!