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query plan issue and bug?



It seems that (since the last release) there are issues in the Query plan of Power BI desktop.

I have (extracted from a project a Pbix with a dozen Web queries ) which are all using a function from a master query. They are all independent of each other, but at the end I Union them all in DAX.


  1. Most of the times I get an error ("failed because of an error in another query", which itself has a time out when waiting from another query)

It seems that at least one of my Queries is stuck at the "Evaluating stage"; while all the others are "Waiting for Other Queries"


  1. If I try to refresh, it seems that I do not even go as further, and I am stuck at the "Evaluating stage" for many of the queries….


If I exit and try again, it does again a)

But hopefully after a few Close and restarts it works.


I can understand that ONE of my queries halts with a Time Out, but why should it stop all others?


I take the time to submit this because:

1) it is quite annoying

2) it happens also on "normal" queries i.e. that are not Web requests


Many thanks for looking into it.


PS I have disabled include in report Refresh for most queries, so you need to make a change to the Master Query TempMois. I also know that I could do all this in One step.

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It seems that some sources in your PBIX file need specific account to validate. So I cannot test it properly on my side.

To see if it is a regression issue caused by the Power BI Desktop update, please uninstall the May 2017 version from your machine, and then install the Apr 2017 version on the same machine, and try to refresh data again to see if you can repro the same issue.


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Hi, sorry . I have fixed the PBix and it should not try to access other sources than web any more.

I have enabled Refresh for most queries.

The first Refresh works well. 

When i do a second refresh, it stops working, (someting visibly is worng)


PS i can't uninstall my PBI on this machine since it is hit by a bug in Settings caused by Windows Insider preview 18188. 

I will do it with an other machine when i have access.