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problem with data source refresh

Hi, I'm having trouble refreshing the data source. Everything is refreshed on the dextopic application. On the Web, I get this message:
The last attempt to refresh failed due to an internal service error. This is usually a temporary problem. If you try again later and this message appears again, contact support.

Everything worked until yesterda. Please, help me

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Community Support

hi  @wiktor_nus 

Is the refresh successful now?

Please upgrade the gateway to the latest version.

Go to dataset setting and re-edit the datasource credential and try it again,

and also try to delete the report in power bi service and republish it from power bi desktop to see if it wroks well.




Regular Visitor

Hello, not sure if related to the current thread, but it appears there is bug in the status (data refresh). We have the latest PBI version. Two images are included:

1. Manual data refresh was executed - refresh schedule shows completed (image: Refresh_Complete)

2. Whereas content page shows refresh in progress (image: Refresh_Ongoing)


This has been observed couple of times.Refresh_OngoingRefresh_OngoingRefresh_CompleteRefresh_Complete