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cant save pbix file in pbi service.

Hi, trying to save one of the reports from online service and getting a failure see below.

other reports works well just one doesnt. 



ID aktivity: c146e39e-41f2-420c-8fde-6f3481e1569d
ID požiadavky: eece5bcd-d670-b677-b7a2-c603fc64030f
ID korelácie: f8752a30-55ae-3caf-ed38-97e3f3432b6f
Kód stavu: 500
Čas: Sun Mar 28 2021 15:43:03 GMT+0200 (stredoeurópsky letný čas)
Verzia služby: 13.0.15694.56
Verzia klienta: 2103.3.05300-train
Identifikátor URI klastra:

Status: New
Community Support


I couldn't reproduce this error,

try to use another browser to have a test,

and also check the permission for this report,

If you download the pbix file and edit the report in power bi desktop then republish it to power bi service tp see if it works well.





Not applicable

Also happened to me today in both Edge and Chrome
Activity ID: e3db47aa-bba2-443b-afa5-2e3afb2c63f9
Request ID: b06d654d-da1f-24d6-251d-b12604f9205f
Correlation ID: 93af135c-be92-8675-c199-9e3d5506fc5c
Status code: 400
Time: Tue Mar 30 2021 13:33:07 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.15751.60
Client version: 2103.4.05452-train
Cluster URI: