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Unable to connect to SAP HANA with SAML SSO

Dear Power BI community,


I'm facing an issue with setting up a SAML SSO enabled connection via the Datagateway to SAP HANA. I have followed this tutorial ( but the connection is not working. In the gateway logs I can see the following: The credentials provided cannot be used for the SapHana source. 


When checking SAP HANA logs I can't see any login 


Can you please assist me in trying to figure out what the issue is?


Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

Status: New
Community Support



Check Troubleshooting section ancreate a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


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Thanks for your reply. I checked the troubleshooting section but I'm not seeing anything in the HANA logs. My guess is that the error occurs even before hitting our HANA system. What would be the next step to troubleshoot?


Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs