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Suddenly Border displayed on the slicer in the workspace


Hey Team, I am sharing you the Screen shot how slicers looks like before and after ,we are facing the issue in all our dashboard in the workspace please help .suddenly border start appearing in workspace.png




Status: Accepted

Hi all,


A new production Issue is added in Power BI Known Issue list.

Engineers are working on the fix, ETA will be updated once available.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

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Same for us

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @ujjwal62000 ,


Can you provide me with the details of the reproduction steps, I tried to reproduce it on my Service but it didn't work.
Does this border have any effect on the use of slicer? This may be a UI optimization.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

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I'm experiencing the same issue. Just happened that all the slicers have a black outline on them. They look fine in Desktop but when published to the service they all have black outlines.

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Same issue.  PBI Desktop has a lighter colored dropdown box (and or semi transparent) within the slicer.  Service is much darker and there is no way i can find to change it.


This effects dropdown slicers and date range slicers, but not relative date slicers.  That makes it look even worse in all of my reports because its inconsistent.  Please pull back whatever you did.



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In the PBI desktop, slicer has light grey border around value.

But after we published it to PBI service, the border changed to dark grey automatically. And there is no way to change the border to light grey or remove it in PBI services.

And this dark grey border suddenly show on all our published dashboards.

PBI Desktop:

PBI Service:




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Same issue here! 
Power BI Desktop:


Power BI Service:



Advocate I

Will this be resolved soon? Same issue here, report slicers all look terrible at the moment...

Regular Visitor

Same issue here. The date slicer still have light grey outline, because of this it looks inconsistent.


I hope this is resolved asap.

Frequent Visitor

Same here!  It appears to have happened after the last system upgrade (Dec service launch.)

Advocate I

Same issue here:

The format of the slicer has changed (darker and or fatter dropdown menu's) after a Power BI service update (nov or dec?) for all reports (So also the reports that have been uploaded before or after the update).

Please resolve asap