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Storage mode mixed Direct Query issue with multiple users

The closest post I have to my issue is:


However, this person indicates the reason he could not resolve the issue with microsoft is that his AD user account did not have access to the database. 


I have a storage mode mixed PBI report on my desktop. 

On PBI desktop, I can see the data, refresh works.

Once published, nothing loads and the error displayed is:

Unable to convert an M query in table 'tablename' into a native source query.

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details

Please note:  Another team member created the report. when he publishes the report, there is no issue Issue arises when i save the report and then publish it. There is nothing special about the query, its a simple select * . I have access to the database in the connection. Using mode as import, this will resolve the issue but we need to use direct query for some of the data sources. We frequenctly share work on reports, this is the first mixed mode report we have used. No there is nothing wrong with gateway (i.e everything is fine in total until i save changes to the same report)

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Check if it is affected by any preview feature and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


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The reviewed August PBI Desktop release 2.84.701.0  that came out to day seems to have fixed this issue. I'll do more detailed testing next week. The display of "validate/Continue" now comes up each time i open the report, might be linked to that... I feel pretty sure that did not come up last time, at least not with a validate option?




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Issue re-occrring. Case 120090824002996 submitted.

PBI Desktop release 2.84.981.0 64-bit (August 2020)

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Ticket 120090824002996 resolved my issue.


Now there is a new version of PBI desktop and it is reocurring again. The validate box is no longer appearing. same issue as before. Is there something that the dev team is unaware of that needs to be checked before each release? Is there some part the testing team are missing? This is causing me alot of frustration and lost time.