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Slicers not updating for Treemaps

On my report, I have treemaps that are being filtered by slicers. The slicers show when orders are "open" or "closed". A lot of times we have no "open" orders so the treemap will be blank when you select the "open" option. An issue we are encountering is that if we filter the slicer to show the "closed" treemap, we wil see the data as expected, but then when we switch to the "open" option on the slicer, the values do not update. So the treemap will hold on to the "closed" values, when it should be blank.


We are only seeing this issue once we publish it to the service. It does not seem to be a bookmark problem. When we check the "Filters and slicers affecting this visual" tab, it says it is showing the "open" values when it is not. 


Some people on my team in another region started experiencing this issue a couple days go and others did not. Now both the teams in the US and India are seeing this issue.


We do not encounter this issue when we are working in the desktop and it is only applying to the treemap visual when it is published (all other visuals on the page will go blank as expected).


Are other users facing this same issue?

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Community Support

@jneil ,


I have made a test but could not reproduce your issue on my side. The treemap can be filtered on power bi service as below. The issue should be related with the tenant. I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Dear @jneil , 


I have encountered a similar issue with slicers that are supposed to sync with multiple pages. I accidentally created a second slicer on top of an existing slicer and configured the duplicate slicer to sync with all pages. When I realised my mistake I deleted the duplicate slicer, but all the pages were stuck to its status. I reopened the file, recreated the slicer and even dragged the field to Filters on all pages to no avail. I then realised that by default each slicer is attributed a group name under Advanced Options in the Sync slicers tab (see screenshot below) and that names are not reused, so my duplicate slicer ended up being Course Type1, Course Type2, etc, whereas the original slicer would have just been called Course Type. Interestingly enough, it appears that Power BI somehow retains slicer information on the background after a slicer is deleted and unless the same group name is attributed to a replacing slicer, all the visualisations will be stuck to the filter from the deleted slicer. Only when I renamed the group name in the replacing slicer to Course Type did Power BI resume syncing visualisations properly. I don't know if you have accidentally added or removed slices in your dashboard and may have created a mismatch between previous slicer group names not linked to a current slicer, but it may be worth checking.