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Service Painfully Slow -- 07/30/2018

Reports are extrememly slow to load. The models refreshed but each page takes nearly a full minute to load or time out while loading the visuals.

Status: New
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Some of our end users are still experiencing this issue...

Regular Visitor

There seems to be a new issue reported today, could this be related to your problems too?

"Customers in the North Europe region, hosted on the North Europe B cluster, may experience intermittent slowness with loading reports. Engineers are actively investigating and are proactively mitigating the issue as it arises. Next update @ 9/12/18 at 4:00pm PDT." 

Advocate IV

I agree the issue is still ongoing. Similar pattern here. Every day from 3 to 5 pm UK time. This is the same issue we have been flaggind in the last 2-3 weeks. Is surprising that they only now add it to the awareness support page. This actually may indicate the fix is coming... Overall quite a hurtful experience!!