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Power BI Source Control Does not Allow One to Check out the main Branch

I recently added source control to a Power BI workspace.


I was able create a new branch (which is called "Checkout new branch"), make changes to a report, and commit the changes.
I was able to see the changes in the branch in Azure DevOps, and merge them into the main branch. The merge removed the working branch during the merge. I am not able to check out the main branch.




Power BI / Fabric:

  1. does not seem to be aware of the merge
  2. does not give one the option to switch back to the main branch
  3. will only let me create a new branch

The most basic flow I can think of is new branch from main --> do work --> test --> merge branch to main --> relax with my thoughts. Is this possible with Source Control in Power BI? I can't imagine this is the expected behavior.


Status: Needs Info

Hi @lysdexia 

Can you describe your procedure in detail ?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Regular Visitor

So, it appears that the "missing" workspace branch settings are happily living under `Workspace Settings` -> `Git integration` -> `Branch`. I have no clue whether this was always the case, or I and others like me just didn't drill down deep enough.


Why the option to create a new branch, which is then, to all appearances, locked in as the default working branch for the workspace appears in the top-level `Source control` menu is bizarre. Wouldn't it make more sense to have both options in the same place, and have access limited by role? It might even be nice to have a link to the project on or github in close proximity, thereby passively spreading knowledge of how devs tend to interact with version control, thereby empowering the user (and keeping us from asking stupid questions, which to all appearnces you'll ignore anyway?)


Thanks to @lorcan17 for showing us (okay, probably just me) the buried branch change option. Good on you!

New Member

Hello Team,


I am facing this same issue with switching between branches.

I think an admin may be able to switch between branches by going to workspace settings => Git Integration.

I think any uses who have access to edit reports should have access to switch between branches.


I hope microsoft will fix this issue.