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Map Visuals not Working

The ESRI Map Visual and the basic map visual are not loading correctly on PBI desktop. The ESRI map visual does not load at all. The basic map visual loads incomplete locations. 


The PBIX that loaded correctly last week locally and on the service with the ESRI map visual does not load on the service. 


The custom heat map visual from the marketplace appears to load in PBI desktop accurately. 


I really need the ESRI map visual to work.




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Regular Visitor

I believe this issue has now become related to  If you simply take the pbix file you sent to us, change the fill color, click on the other tab (page 1) and then return to the map, it will return to the default colors after it refreshes.  I'm not working with the Bing maps so I didn't test it.

New Member

Same issue. Change a setting in the ArcGIS visual then switch pages and the settings are gone in desktop. Started happening this week. Doesn’t appear to be a problem in the service, only desktop. 

Community Support

Regarding the ArcGIS map fill color and reference layer settings can't be saved, I have reported this issue internally. You can keep an eye on my update in this thread:


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Qiuyun Yu