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Legend Highlight not working in Power BI service



Clicking on data items in the legend of a line chart, to highlight lines on the chart, no longer works in the Power BI service.


It works fine in Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.94.921.0 64-bit (June 2021)), e.g. in this screenshot I've clicked on Actuals to focus on the actuals line:


If this chart is published to the service, clicking on anything in the Legend has no effect.


I've tried different charts and Chrome, Edge and IE11 and the behaviour is all the same - there is no highlight functionality.


This is a significant bug for us, as we regularly use this functionality to focus attention in busy line charts like the screenshot.


This has worked as recently as last week.




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I tried the latest version to publish a report and it works as well.

Regular Visitor

Is there a solution?  I am having the same problem, and my team is going nuts.

Helper II

Even i am facing the same probelm.

New Member

Same issue cant filter via the legend and its pretty frustrating while working with PBI. Dont want to publish everytime a new report for a small change! Please correct that with the next Update! 



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Here is an excellent walk-around: 

New Member

Hello everione,


Today I got the same bug on my reports, it was running as usually until few days ago.


Firts the bug was only on power bi service. In my desktop It was quite good, so I updated my softwer to the lastest version and the bug started on the desktop version too.


is Microsoft knowing about it? I consider that I high priority insue, as it's a very commum and usuful function.



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Hi @mfinlay , have your issue been fixed yet? I got the same issue & would like to ask your experience about it. Please share solution. 
Thank you so much!

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@nntnga08 @VitorChagas, here is an excellent walk-around: 

New Member

@jbz7 It looks a good walk-around as you said, but in my specif case it didnot worked because the tool is not letting me select the specific data that I would need to do the bookmark.


I think I'll need to wait some software update. Hope Microsoft doenst take too long.

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Thank you for your post @mfinlay , I have the same issue here. Neither it works on PowerBI desktop or on web. Not sure the work around fits me, as some weeks ago the highlights was working fine and without anything else to do. I used this feature to easily compare two data by highlighting them by clicking on the legend. Hope it gets corrected soon.