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Free external user unable to view same dashboard which is accessible to Internal Free user



I have shared a dashboard with several users within Organization and Outside of Organziation, however, external free user (NON Pro user) cannot view dashboard suddenly. So


External Free users CANNOT view

External Pro user CAN view

Internal Pro user CAN view

Internal Free user CAN view


Data source is SQL Server Standard 2016

Gateway is up and running and schedule refresh is working fine.


Error1: Could not load the schema for data model

Error2: Error on loading Dashboard"The data shown in this tile is no longer available."



Any thoughts please.




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Please take a look at the section of “When you share your dashboard with people outside your organization” in this document to see if it helps.

BTW, does the string of &share=1 exsit at the end of the sharing link that external users get via email? If not, please try to appped &share=1 at the end of the sharing link, e.g.


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First thing which i have noticed "This dashboard contains Power BI Pro content. Only users that have Power BI Pro will have access to it"


Yes i have shared a dashboard with Pro contents and dashboard is shared with Free users and those free users cannot see the  contents


However, I have disabled the "Auto-refresh schedule" and all Pro and Free user can see the dashboard content as normal. Surpirse!


Only problem left is how to give "One Daily refresh" to Free user. Is this do able even with the Pro contents? If not then what is the purpose of One refresh per day to Fee user as per Microsoft pricing model please?