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Error with non-encrypted connection to SQL server through Gateway

I have created a bunch of dataflows which connects to on-prem SQL server dBs through an enterprise gateway. They used to refresh fine until somewhere after sept 6. I tried to recreate them, but I cannot even get to the list of tables in the dB. When doing the same thing on-prem with Power BI Desktop, I get to accept connecting to the server with a non-encrypted connection. When creating the query in Dataflows, this option is not proposed - or no longer, as these dataflows used to work without issue. 

Can someone confirm if this a recent change and expected behaviour ? - i.e. connection to a SLQ server via the DMG must be encrypted and non-encrypted connections are no longer supported in dataflows (though still supported in Power BI Desktop) 

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@bdarbo78 ,


I'm afraid I could not reproduce this on my side. I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao