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Date Slicer error


Have date slicer with set relative boundaries (e.g current calendar year). When the sliders are set to the defined boundaries (i.e. full 12 months), the row count returned by the SSAS model for the calendar (i.e. the filtered subset which should be effected by the above defined relative boundaries in the slicer) is the same as the row count for the entire calendar. 


This is problematic in so far the SSAS measures are not counting items correctly. Have a SSAS measure that is calculating the number of items that exist within that defined range (note the calendar table is not related to the measure table). SSAS measure essentially is calculating the count as if the entire calendar has been selected rather than just the slicer date range.


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Advocate I

I'm also experiencing this same issue

Community Support

Hi all, 


Does the issue happen in Power BI desktop or service? Do you connect live to the SSAS model? 

Is it possible for you to share .abf file contains dummy data with us? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Regular Visitor

Happens in both Desktop and the Service. Am connecting Live to SSAS model. I'll think about how I can do the dummy data .abf today


Regular Visitor

I am also having the same issue. My model is connecting to a SSAS model and I experience the issue in both Desktop and the web client via the App.


The issue can be replicated in a desktop powerBI model as well, I have published a public example of the issue Here with some examples of the behaivour experienced.


Any idea on how long this may take to fix?