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Changes to Free Service Yesterday Breaking Out-of-Tenant Shared Dashboards

We utilize out-of-tenant shared dashboards extensively and are aware of the change made yesterday to the Power BI Free service.  We've had our clients activate their free Pro trial and are using a Pro account to share out-of-tenant.


However, even after activation, out-of-tenant shared dashboard links are not working.  They just display the Power BI logo and it blinks continuously.  


I tried going to the dashboard as the owner (again, logged into a Pro account), clicking "Stop Sharing" on the dashboard and re-sharing with the client (who had activated the Pro trial) and still, they see the blinking Power BI logo.


Using developer tools in the browser, I see a failed XMLHttpRequest:


Error code: 401 (Unauthorized)


Looks like yesterday's switch-over broke out-of-tenant dashboards.  This seems to happen all the time, out-of-tenant sharing is very unstable and doesn't seem to be tested well enough when changes are made to the Power BI Service.  I've opened many other tickets reflecting these issues on this site.

Please let me know if you need any more details, all of our clients are dead in the water right now (even after activating the Pro trial).  @v-haibl-msft - you've been very helpful in the past on keeping me informed & updated on issues like this so wanted to proactively make you aware what's happening here.



Caleb Blanton

Status: Accepted



As of last week, this issue has been resolved.  We communicated this on the support site, but I wanted to provide the update here in case it was missed.




Affected external users that could not access shared dashboards because they had a Pro trial will now be able to successfully view those dashboards.




Advocate II

@AdamWilson - Thank you for the update!  We've since switched over to embedded but I'm sure others in this thread will be happy to hear this.



Caleb Blanton

New Member

I am not able to activate my free pro trial of 1 year...also don't understand how to report issue as whenever i go to report issue it takes me to library of all issues...can anyone help me on this..?