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Ability to switch back to the old App experience (non-Multiple Audiences) and individual workspaces

I upgraded a workspace today to check out the new Multiple Audience experience.  This impacted EVERY workspace/app in my organization and there is no way to switch back!   Unfortunately, I see there are a lot of open bugs with this experience that may cause serious issues for app publishers within my tenant!


Can you please provide ability to switch back the organization away from the Preview?

Can you provide ability to switch back individual workspaces?

Status: Investigating

Hi @SMHolck @mixieho ,


I will check with the internal team. Once I get a reply, will sync you here. Thanks for your understanding!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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This is also important for any users who try the new experience and decide it's not the right look / feel for them. We've now switched a couple of apps over with the assumption that we would be able to switch back and not being able to do so is frustrating.

The main issues I have with the new app experience is the loss of the normal nagigation bar on the left of the screen as well as not having a content screen available by default. Until these are fixed I can't see us looking to use the new app experience which is a shame because it looks like there are potentially some great features in there.

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@AG_0001 - I have not heard back from @v-cazheng-msft

But I did put in an actual Ticket with Microsoft to find out how to roll it back.  So far the answer is no.  😞

I have also asked for a list of known issues so I can support my organization and try to work around problems as they occur.  We have a blended self-service model, and luckily, I am not an admin on most of our production workspaces, only development/qa.  Have you entered a support ticket for your issue?  Or a separate issue on this forum so people can upvote it?

It's probably only a matter of time before someone in my tenant hits one of hte errors, but so far I haven't attempted to update my app(s), just clicked the button to upgrade and saw it impact all the workspaces I was admin on that were not already published.  I am afraid of the can of worms.  🙂  Sorry I can't be of more help

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A major issue for UX is the removed "Navigation Pane" width options. Before it was possible to select different width, but now there is no such option anymore, and no way to roll-back! This destroys user experience, as many apps where relying on wider Navigation Pane! Microsoft please provide an option to roll-back, or provide the option again to select a width for the navigation pane!

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Yes major UI issue! Not sure if microsoft reads or acknowledges these forums but they need to give the option to hide the new navigation experience or actually implement multiple apps per workspace properly not a flawed "audience" experience


My suggestion is to log Pro/ premium support tickets to get as much attention on this issue as possible


I did log a ticket which Microsoft responded last month saying an option would be provided to hide the new app pane


One month later and this still isnt fixed though! Hiding the pane doesnt show individual report pages and expanding it just shows all reports which ends up being a UI mess!!