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Every day the cloud grows and grows even more. The trust and security it provides are standing out, strengthening the bond with its users.

The on-premises Power BI solution consists of a Report Server attached to SQL Server. This version has its limitations compared to Power BI Service, which constantly brings us many attractive features.

This article will teach us how to migrate reports published in Power BI Report Server to Power BI Service with the help of the SimplePBI python library.

Let's find out how to migrate reports published in Report Server to Power BI Service in three steps


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Ever puzzled over how to optimally rank products by their sales amounts or the number of orders in your data model? Dive into our comprehensive guide as we unravel the intricacies of the RANKX function using the Orders table as a foundation. We'll journey through constructing summary tables, navigating the challenges of filter contexts, and ensuring accuracy in rank calculation. Plus, get insights into advanced techniques like calculating profit through computed columns and differentiating rank computations in measures versus computable tables. Join us to decode the art of effective ranking with DAX and enhance your analytics prowess.

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