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Learn how to use the Tabular Editor to perform advanced data modeling techniques not available when working with Power BI Desktop. Michael Kovolsky will introduce the Best Practice Analyzer and discuss how to use this powerful tool to scan your Power BI data model to find areas for improvement.


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We all write our codes in a proper format so that readability and understanding of codes become easy. While working with POWER BI, we use DAX Expressions to write our measures and calculated columns. We know that formatting is not required in DAX. It’s normal to see DAX expressions that span over 10 to 20 -lines or more, depending on the complexity and requirements. Sometimes we ignore DAX format as it is time-consuming, and we need to press ALT+ENTER for the new line, which is out of habit for all of us. There is too much ambiguity, and a lack of official specification makes it even harder to comprehend. Whenever I am working with Power BI, I use the following technique to measure it. 


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