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I was looking solution for one of my problems where my requirement was
I have 2 slicers wherein
Slicer (A) I had a Country option like Denmark, Norway, Europe  
Slicer (B) I had Currency Type where the option was Local or USD 
So the actual requirement was when any user will log in from any Country
he/she should see currency which Is related to that
Country only. and USD was the base currency which everyone can see.
I have applied security based on Country but if once person having access
more then one Country then he/she can see in text box currency local name like Denmark -DKK.


Today in this blog, I will be showing how one can implement the functionality of how you can resolve this issue.

Here we need to create a Currency table where you can show the currency Type Currency Name and extra details if you want.
I have Took ID and currency type and this will be an independent table.
Table 1.png


You see the below relationship where Dim_Currency table is an independent table.

Table 2.png



In the below screenshot you can see Slicer A and B with textbox what you need to create a measure
for Slicer A -- Selected Currency = SELECTEDVALUE(Dim_Currency[Currency])
for Slicer B --  Selected region = SELECTEDVALUE(Orders[Country_name])

Then Use IF condition and show your value

Selected_Currency & Country =

IF([Selected Currency]="Local" && [Selected region]="EUROPE","EUR",

IF([Selected Currency]="Local" && [Selected region]="DENMARK","DKK",

IF([Selected Currency]="Local" && [Selected region]="FINLAND","EUR",

IF([Selected Currency]="Local" && [Selected region]="NORWAY","NOK","USD"))))


Table 3.png




Varun Jain


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