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Power BI Dev Camp: July 22nd | 11a PDT: Building Multi-language Reports for Power BI

Power BI provides Internationalization and localization features which make it possible to build multi-language reports. For example, you can design a Power BI report that renders in English for some users while rendering in Spanish, French, German or Dutch for other users. If a company or organization has the requirement of building Power BI reports that support multiple languages, it's no longer necessary to clone and maintain a separate PBIX project file for each language. Instead, they can increase reuse and lower report maintenance by designing and implementing multi-language reports.

While Power BI provides the features required to design and implement multi-language reports, the path to success is not overly intuitive. The purpose of this Power BI Dev Camp session is to explain how to use the Power BI features for Internationalization and localization from the ground up and to provide the technical guidance you need for building reports that support multiple languages. Along the way you will learn how to work with both metadata translations and content translations by writing custom code with the Tabular Object Model (TOM) and by using Tabular Editor to create and manage translations in the multi-language report development process. 

Attendee Prerequisites: Campers should already be familiar with data modeling and building reports in Power BI Desktop. It is also recommended (but not required) that campers are familiar with Tabular Editor and programming with C# and the .NET Framework.

Date: Thursday July 22nd

Time: 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST

Attendee Link 


Also be sure to have a look at the live sample of a multi-language report in action to give you a sense of what is possible.