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Connecting AAS to ADLSg2 with Blob API

In the datacenters West US 2 and West Central US there’s now a public preview available for "Multi-Protocol Access" on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. So, Blob APIs now work with accounts that have a hierarchical namespace. See: for additional details.


This means that now AAS can use, for example, Blob API to access files in ADLSg2. Here’s an example how:


(1) in your Tabular project, select "Import from Data Source":F01.png




(2) from the Azure Portal, take the URL for “Primary Blob Service Endpoint” in the “Properties” pane of your Storage Account gen2 (assuming you already created one):F3.png


(3) again from Azure Portal, take the “Key” (Key1) value from the “Access Keys” pane of your Storage Account gen2:F04.png


(4) select the folder, and click the “Edit” button (assuming you already have folders with files):F05.png


(5) click on the file you want (blue link on the "Content" column), to access its contents:F06.png


(6) Do any transformations you need (i.e. here we remove Blank rows):F07.png






(7) click “Import”:F10.png




I hope this was useful... Enjoy!!

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