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Best Practices For Power BI Desktop Development

In this post, I want to dive into some of my best practices for Power BI Desktop development.


I think bringing all these ideas together will give you a very good understanding of how I like to approach all Power BI reporting and analysis that I complete myself.


I follow each of these best practices in nearly every piece of work that I do inside of Power BI and I highly recommend understanding how they are done then, try to incorporate them into your own work.


In this first example, I just do a very quick review of my three general best practice ideas. This is a good primer to understand how these all work together.


There's information on data modeling, how to organize DAX measures, and a little bit about writing DAX formulas.



In this next example, I deep dive into measure groups and why they are so essential to utilize in Power BI.


Measure groups do take a little bit of additional work to add and maybe you'll think that it should be easier to create inside of Power BI. All I would say is that you DO need to create them because there's no other way around it.


You really want to be creating measure groups for a variety of reasons and that's what I cover in this next video.



In this last tutorial, I cover some of my query editor best practices plus, how you should think about and utilize it.


The query editor is an incredibly powerful tool embedded into Power BI and if you haven't started using it then you're really missing out on a huge amount of functionality and optimization work that can be done inside of Power BI.


Certainly, review this one if you want to learn and master some of the nuances of working inside the query editor.


Hopefully, you enjoy these best practice ideas. In my view, they are essential in developing some really high quality work inside of Power BI. They'll absolutely add value to yourself and your organization and this is how I want to inform others to use Power BI.

All the best.




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