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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dashboards are not refreshing

The problem is that dashboard tiles are not refreshing, whereas the report connected to the dashboard is updating properly according to the set schedule.
This problem became very frequent about a week ago, at the same time as the Shapes option was added. Since that only manual update helps (I simply repin the tiles to the dashboard). As I pin a fresh tile to the dashboard, the similar tile pinned earlier also gets updated.
But after manual repining of the tile, it is not getting updated anymore, unless I repin it again.
Please, advice how the dashboards could be updated regularly and automatically (without my participation).

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @googlogmob, Are you still see this issue? If so, can you file a support ticket at since may require more in depth troubleshooting. Thanks!

View solution in original post

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I have the reason why just not the solution... yet. (I am confident I will get there...)


Per my contact at Microsoft, there seems to be an issue with any filter more granular than a report level filter. (visual level, page level all cause problems) I have proven this issue out in the following manner:


  • Using 4 datasets with matching reports and dashes.
  • 3 of the 4 reports are heavily filtered and one not filtered at all.
  • Simple SQL Query, Direct Query, Manually Refreshing with the PBI Data Connector.
  • Fiddler trace run - No comm issues between data set and dash. 

The non-filtered report/dataset is updating correctly and dash/report data matches accross all tiles. The filtered reports show the all too familiar conflicting information. 


So, to suggest a "sort-of" work around, perhaps if you are able to pre-filter your result set in SQL, you could skip using the lower level filters and not have the problem. Just not the most favorable solution as it defeats a good chunk of functionality. 


Microsoft PBI Team - What say you??!!??

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Follow up - Bad news and worse news...


Bad news:

MS Support gentlemen I had a ticket with was transferred away from this project and my ticket was closed. Opened a new ticket with MS Support and now rehashing out the problem. 


Worse news: 

My theory about the filters was inaccurate. All of my dashes, with or without filters, are showing the descrepancies between the report and the dash. 


Sorry for the false hope folks. I am still pushing through with MS support the best I can and will keep all posted as soon as I have some concrete solution or at least some good info. 



Any update on this? I'm also seeing this issue across several of my dashboards (underlying reports and their visuals update fine, but pinned tiles of the visuals don't update in dashboards.

No, not from me... I think Microsoft is not seeing this reports...

And to make it worse, I got an email saying they will eliminate the sharing of dashboards from the Power BI free version.

Same issue happens in PRO version Smiley Sad

I am using 2 datasets and four dashboards, all of them with filters because I need to refresh them in monthly basis adding always last month and eliminating one month from previous year. None of my dashboards are refreshed automaticcaly so I have to repin 20 graphs!!! It is not acceptable, please respond Power BI team!!! I see this issue has been for months in the Power BI community

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Hi, @olazo!

Did you find a solution?

If you are using slicers and they are selected when you are pinning the tile , it will still applied in dashboard, at least once this happened to me. Try to pin tiles from a report with no filters and slicers. See if refreshes.
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Thanks. I will check it out. 


Frequent Visitor

Hi there did you get a result on this as we're finding the same thing and it's going to blow a hole in our delivery approach.  Makes me wonder what the point of dashboards are?

Frequent Visitor

I've never had a problem with the data in the tiles not refreshing, but I have had problems with the tiles reflecting changes I've made. For example, we have a tile in our dashboard that forecasts revenue to the end of the month. Each day I have to change the periodicity of the forecast, but that change isn't reflected in the tile. So every day I have to re-pin those tiles. It's really annoying and needs to be fixed.

@sbstern If you are changing a structural element of the report visual, those changes don't get reflected in a dashboard tile. Tiles are seperate entities that actually just give you a snapshot of your data and in your case have a hook back to the report page itself, not the visual that it came from. (example: you can create a visual, pin it to a dashboard (creating a tile) and delete the visual from the report. The tile still updates even though the visual is gone). If you think of the many ways in which a dashboard tile can be created, (Q&A, Insights, etc) - this begins to make more sense.

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I am having a similar issue - when I pin a chart from a powerpivot report (pivotchart) into a dashboard, the tile on the dashboard is blank. This was working up until last week. The tiles I had pinned up until last week still works. However if I take the same chart that is working and pin it to a new dashboard, it shows up as blank now.

New Member

I'm experiencing the issue as well.

Some tiles refresh, some do not.

Morover, when I manually hit 'refresh' it says "all times refreshed" while in fact they haven't.

The only workaround I've found is to re-pin tiles, which is a completely unacceptable one.



Frequent Visitor

I have an imported dataset connected to sql database using enterprise gateway. Reports are updated by scheduled refresh but not the tiles. They continue to show old data.


Any thoughts on how to overcome this flaw? Miscrosoft's offcial solution is to repin tiles if they are not updated within 15-20 minutes. But this is not an acceptable solution.


I have read multiple messages on the forum but not found any solution. This a very important feauture! Without this our visuals are unreliable.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @sadhnabatra,


The tiles do refresh. We open Power BI Desktop, click on refresh and publish, then the tiles automatically refresh themselves.

However, there are bugs. Sometimes tiles don't refresh.


I'm hoping the Power BI Team read this. It needs to work correctly.


- D

Not applicable

Is there a solution for this yet?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I have encountered the same issue where tiles pinned from reports to dashboards do not maintain a live connection. The report refreshes correctly - but the changes do not flow to the tile pinned to dashboard. This makes no sense to me. Who wants a static dashboard?


This issue is listed as "Solved"- but it is in fact not. Is there a plan to fix this functionality in the future?

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy



Power BI is not a fully developed tool yet and has so many little annoyances like this its almost unusable as advertised!.  None of our dashboards update! Never have and we are stuck rebuilding dashboards on a weekly basis. Whoever says this is a feature should immediatly be fired from Microsoft and Banned from being able to develop anywhere in the worrld as they have no clue.


It is such a simple and basic requirement.  When we pin a visual to the dashboard, we NEVER EVER want it to be static.  We want that visual to update just like the visuals on the report update.  How come that is so friggin hard for the developers to understand? 


There is NO use for a static visual. NONE Microsoft get that through your thick skulls.  Again, at no time EVER is there a need for a static visual.  Its purely idiotic in the reporting world to create a dashboard, pin report visuals, then, the Dashboard doesnt update the visual.


Stupid and Idiotic!!!!





Not applicable

As of 4/29/2016 this still appears to be an issue and is not solved. I've verified the data has been updated in my report visualizations, but I cannot get it to update in my dashboard.


Very frustrating!

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I see this as a much needed feature, and I'm looking forward to it being implemented.

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