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Helper II
Helper II

Sharepoint source suddenly un-map from gateway and cannot be added again

Hi guys,

My dataset has been configured to scheduled refresh and been working fine.

Only just then the refresh failed and upon checking, I see one of my data source become un-mapped.


There is a link as the screenshot above to add to gateway but no dropdown to choose. After trying adding another SharePoint source again, the dropdown box is still not appearing.

Anyone having the same issue since today?


Easy fix here:  Create a new SharePoint DataSource, and where you enter the site URL just add a forward slash on the end.  This testing datasource shows in the dropdown, but all of my other SharePoint sources are not in the list (they dont have forward slash by default when you click "create datasource")





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New Member

We' re suffering the same issue since the start of the week. Published apps reload just fine as long as nobody "takes control" of the dataset. When you take control, then the "Apply" button remains grey and is not possible to reconfigure the gateaway or the schedule parameters.

As mentioned in this post, it only happens in datasets with sharepoint and another on-premise datasource. Sharepoint by itself works just fine. I'm interested in any method to receive news from ICM#: 360391412 as burtta asked.


Kind regards,

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Hi all, we raised a support ticket to Power BI support and below is the answer from them. It works for us!!  According to the PBI support, the ETA for the final solution is the last week of January. 

Below is the workaround which worked for few of the customer :


-> Open the below document and sign in with the power bi account.

Datasets - Bind To Gateway In Group - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn


->Enter the dataset id and group id




You will get them in the link of dataset. Click on the dataset which you are using.





->Then go to manage gateways, open the gateway which you are using , you will see I button then when you click on that you will see gateway object id.


->Then write that gateway object id in the space




->Then click on run and check if it runs successfully.

->If it runs successfully , open power bi service and check in manage gateways.


When you are in the "Dataset setting", you will be able to choose gateways(though for the Share Point data source, there is still an "X" in front of it) and config. the scheduled refresh. 


Hope it will help. 




Frequent Visitor

Same exact issue here.  Started a couple days ago and all of our datasets failed refresh.  After reautheticating the sharepoint credentials it was completing refresh however the Sharepoint is unmapped.   Then I updated our gateway to the latest version but still did not resolve.


We cant create any new schedules until it gets resolved.

Easy fix here:  Create a new SharePoint DataSource, and where you enter the site URL just add a forward slash on the end.  This testing datasource shows in the dropdown, but all of my other SharePoint sources are not in the list (they dont have forward slash by default when you click "create datasource")





My URL does have a forward slash at the end but still not being able to map 😞



I guess the only other thing I did differently was to manually create my datasource, not sure where the magic came from that worked for me!



This worked for me as well!! Thanks.

OMG, it works. Thanks so much, you're legend 😍!!!

Helper II
Helper II

Another update: my PRD dataset is still refreshing fine even though the mapping to SharePoint is still not mapped. I did some experiments with my QAS dataset and now Power BI Service is saying my one of my datasource is deleted. When I tried recreating it, the dataset cannot be configured to schedule refresh anymore due to the fact that gateway settings require all data sources to be mapped. Due to the amount of data that I am working with, I need the scheduled refresh via gateway to work. Now I am too scared to touch the PRD dataset 🙂


 This message appears after I tried a few things with this dataset. I am pretty that happens when 1 of the parameter changes value.



Click on recreate cloud data sources, the message is still apearing 😞



The schedule refresh option is now completely greyed out. The gateway mapping can not be saved anymore so I cannot rebuild my dataset. This is BAD. Please fix it 

Schedule refresh option is now completely greyed outSchedule refresh option is now completely greyed out


Regular Visitor

I have reverted back to a personal gateway and it has worked! We can use this as a temporary solution as we wait for the team to fix the issue with the standard gateway

Not applicable

Not a permanent solution for enterprise solutions but I can confirm it works!

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having this same issue and have also posted a plea for help.


Sharepoint Gateway - Microsoft Power BI Community

Helper II
Helper II

Quick update: the gateway is still not mapping properly with SharePoint for me, however, the last 2 scheduled refreshes were "unexpectedly" successful. I even try manually import the data via XLMA endpoint and it still works. That's strange.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon. 

Not applicable

We are experiencing the same issue. Had to update the report and by publishing again, the gateway couldn't be properly set.

I'm currently refreshing the report in Power BI Desktop and publishing everyday.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @hale ,


According to research, a similar issue has been reported internally,(ICM#: 360391412).

I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Liu Yang

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Is there a way for the community to follow the development of the ICM#: 360391412?

encounter same issue for me start from tonight

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue

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