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How to remove personal gateway from



I successfully uninstalled personal gateway from my server.

But it is still visible on, with an error saying that gateway is unavailable.

I can't refresh my datasources because of this error.


Can you help me ?

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I am having this issue now. Because of this I have to manually refresh. Defeats the purpose. This is a major flaw it needs to be addressed.

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Has anyone had any luck with this one, in my case i have never had a personal gateway installed on my pc, published two .pbix files to the web service that have a data source in AWS and i cannot refresh them as the power bi service says my personal gateway is offline.


I go to manage gateways and there are none there ?


Any ideas would be most appreciated

Sorry, can't help beacuse i have no experience of data stored in AWS with Power BI.

What i can say is that if you access your data in Web Mode ie Get data Web AND the file(s) are on OneDrive Pro or as a SharePoint Folder, Refreshes work without the need for a gateway.


Helper II
Helper II

Was any one able to resolve this issue?  I successfully uninstalled personal gateway and reinstalled on premise. But whenver I want to do a schedule refresh, am  getting the message saying that the personal gateway is offline. Now obviously it will be since I have already removed t. But then if I have removed it, then it should not even appear.  

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The story here was that you shouldn't have to reinstall any gateway to "fix" the problem.


So, no. This is still very much an unresolved issue.

This is the symptom i have.
Support (which took 5 weeks to give an answer due to a "huge backlog") finally admitted that there was a problem after discussion with the dev team.

I am hoping to see some positive results since on the support page of PowerBI there is a mention od the issue with the Gateway...

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It is good that they <finally> admit there is an issue. 


I'm really unimpressed with the time to not-resolve it though.

Did you ever find a solution from anyone on this issue may I ask?

Not Yet i am afraid. i belive this is a serious bug and devlopement team is working on it.

I have re tried yesterday and still have the problem.
I understand that the work around is to instal the On Premise gateway which adds its own complications...


I will raise an other support call after the next release just in case

I still have this issue and tried installing the on premises gateway and this did not resolve the issue. This issue is meaning the we are not moving to Pro as without the gateway working properly there is no benefit in doing so. 

I tried alot of things but it just does not go away. 

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There is a lot of talk about uninstalling the client gateway. But my problem is that I can't get rid of the references to some gateway that does not exist.


1) When open the manage gateways there is no gateway. It's been removed

2) When I try to set a refresh (I know I need a gateway and if I install a new one it looks the same) all options are greyed out and it says --->> Use your data gateway (Power BI - Personal)  (Offline running on MicrosoftBI) A server that no longer exists


So the basic question -- Is there any way of the removing references to old gateways on the powerbi service.


And why can't I just cut and paste a screen dump here it would have made life a lot easier 🙂


I can't install a gateway and I can't use my old data sets.....


By the way, i overcame the "Can't install" by installing an On Pr"mise gateway, instead of reinstalling a Personal Gateway and it worked for me,


PS as to the screenshots i agree, you have to first create images etc

This is Exactly the issue i have (and have had for more than a month with support).

However , i belive someone is now looking into it.

My guess is that the Gateway "existence" must be stored somewhere on Office 365 / Azure, because in my case it was not even installed on my PC but on an other machine, so how does PowerBI know about it still?

And the annoying fact is that we have no way to admin it...

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I'm having exactly the same problem. I can't connect new data sources to my On Premises Data Gateway which I have installed

How do I get rid of this Personal Gateway ????


When I try to connect it just says --Use your Data gateway (Power BI Personal) 

AND I can¨t see the other gateway (my installed on premise gateway)


This is not just annoying it stops me from refreshing reports...

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Super User
Super User

Ditto that. I too have a Personal Gateway installed on a VM that NO LONGER RUNS, but for some reason, when I deploy a DataSet to Power BI via a PBIX file, then try to set up Scheduled Refresh on it, it seems to be stuck to the Personal Gateway, even though this particular PBIX was created on a machine and connected to data on a machine that has a functioning Enterprise Gateway installed.

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@ToddChitt @Seth_C_Bauer.  


Update:  I've been working with a Support rep @ MS for this issue.  Still occurs.  He ran me through the same bullets items I did in an earlier post.  Same outcome - the Service still thinks my PG is registered, but offline & won't let me convert the data set over to the EG.  


He told me that "it takes special permission from Microsoft for him to be able to view issues w/ my PG" - he's working to get that approval. Told me to stand by.



This solved it for me:

Open the PBIX file. Get into Edit Queries. For each table, get into the Advanced Editor. Check the Server and Database name in the second line (   Source = Sql.database("server","database")   ). Once I made sure that the server name and database name referenced here match a server name and database name of a Data Source in the Enterprise Gateway, then I was able to connect the Dataset and configure refreshes.


In my opinion, at least for me, the orphaned Personal Gateway was only the fall back default because Power BI could not find a matching pair of server/database for the Dataset. Once that was rectified, the issue was resolved.


Hope this helps.

Did I answer your question? If so, mark my post as a solution. Also consider helping someone else in the forums!

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@ToddChitt.  Thanks Todd.  Did the same exact steps, line for line - ensuring my query & EG have the exact same name/case/FQDN.


Alas, the Support Rep for PowerBI.Com asked that I provide an exhaustive list of Fiddler extracts, screen shots & all the steps I'm doing.  They won't screen-share w/ me as my Support Req was under the free service.  I don't have time to do all this homework.  I'm going to start from scratch & abandon the solutions that used my PG.



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