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Feature usage and adoption not working

Hi everyone,


I did not find any info on my particular problem so I hope you can support me. About 2 weeks ago I found out about PowerBIs Admin Monitoring feature and its standard Dataset + Report called "Feature usage and adoption". However this never worked the whole time and I get the following two messages I can't handle:












Since this is an automatically generated Report / Dataset and there are no specific options available I have no Idea what is going on here and how I can handle this.


FYI: I do have a Datagateway running on a server which works perfectly fine for all custom datasets. But this shouldn't have any effect on this issue since this report does not need any access to my local files?!


Please help,



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Hi johnbasha33 and thanks for your answer. However I can't check any of your first 3 suggestions properly as there is no possibility to access any kind of settings of this particular dataset. Settings as known from other datasets like gateway connections / data connections in general do simply not exist for this feature.


1) I can only see the last refresh, I can't find a history

2) If I could see anywhere which connections are necessary I could do that

3) The gateway definitley works for all other reports


Maybe I just can't find the settings and you can help me there? Or anybody has had a similar problem?


Solution Sage
Solution Sage


It appears that you're encountering issues with the Power BI Admin Monitoring feature and the associated "Feature usage and adoption" dataset and report. The errors you're seeing suggest that there might be a problem with the data refresh process for this particular dataset.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

1. **Check Dataset Refresh History**: Navigate to the dataset settings in the Power BI service and review the refresh history for the "Feature usage and adoption" dataset. Look for any failed refresh attempts and examine the error messages to identify the underlying cause.

2. **Review Data Source Connections**: Although the "Feature usage and adoption" dataset is a standard Power BI dataset, it still relies on underlying data sources for its data. Ensure that any required data source connections, such as Azure Activity Logs or Office 365 usage reports, are properly configured and accessible.

3. **Check Gateway Configuration**: While the "Feature usage and adoption" dataset primarily relies on cloud-based data sources, it's possible that there may be some dependencies or configurations related to on-premises data gateways. Verify that your data gateway is running and properly configured, even though it shouldn't directly affect this particular dataset.

4. **Contact Support**: If you're unable to resolve the issue through the above steps, consider reaching out to Microsoft Support for assistance. They can provide further guidance and investigate any potential issues with the dataset refresh process.

5. **Community Forums**: You can also post your issue on the Power BI Community forums to see if other users have encountered similar problems and to seek advice from the broader Power BI community.

By following these steps and investigating the potential causes of the dataset refresh errors, you should be able to identify and address the issue with the "Feature usage and adoption" dataset and report.

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