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Super User
Super User

Error message on refresh- An unexpected error occurred (file 'tmdatasourceregistry.cpp'

Has anyone seen this error before? It happens on datasource refresh. The datasource is TIBCO data virtualization, which uses an ODBC connection.


Processing error: An unexpected error occurred (file 'tmdatasourceregistry.cpp', line 847, function 'TMDataSourceRegistry::ApplyDeferredStaticAnalysis').
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: e1052a09-4ae1-42ef-a6a0-364cae1b1807
Request ID: cd235687-3c21-f61b-15ce-29469adede99
Time: 2021-06-22 19:25:36Z


EDIT: For us the issue has been resolved (6/29/2021). 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

hello ,


this is a known issue for which there is a Fix expediately rolling out across production instances of Power BI , with an ETA of 06/29 EOD for reaching saturation , there has been CSS (customer service support awarness shared to our support teams to better assist any Customers reaching out ) and also we are continuing to post proactively Tenant level (Customer level) communications for the impacted tenants we have been identifying , and basing on the IDs of error  you shared , we see that Comms were posted to your Tenant admins already with regard to this issue.  Please let us know .

View solution in original post

Frequent Visitor

Same error allthe dashboards are failing.

hope team resolve this soon

I am having two files coming from the Python script rest all are JSON from the system 
Visualizations are also quite a basic ones nothing complex

Have tried restarting the personal gateway still issue is not resolved.

Frequent Visitor

we are experiencing the same issue here as well - no python scripts or smart narrative in these reports 


  • Processing errorAn unexpected error occurred (file 'tmdatasourceregistry.cpp', line 847, function 'TMDataSourceRegistry::ApplyDeferredStaticAnalysis').
Frequent Visitor

We're experiencing the same problem here, not using any python scripts on our end.

I've tried republishing into a different workspace and seems to solve this issue in the meantime, however really hope if they could solve this issue soon.

Frequent Visitor

Same problem here. Power BI reports containing python scripts are throwing this error and not refershing. I hope they get it fixed soon as this will affect our business.

Not applicable

Same here for the Python scripts on the power BI. Is there any acknowledgement from Microsoft? or how do we push the issue?

Advocate I
Advocate I

We are having the same issue with our reports not refreshing in the service either. We aren't using any Python scripts in our reports, but the reports do have data from multiple different sources and connectors contained within.


really hoping they get this fixed ASAP...

Not applicable

We are experiencing the same issue. Report doesn't use Python script but uses Smart Narrative. This started once the Smart Narrative issue was fixed.

It might be worth removing the Smart Narrative visuals and publish back to your workspace.  We are in the process of trying that.

Not applicable

It is now failing for all our reports - even the ones without Smart Narratives 😕

Not applicable

Update (6/23/2021):


Microsoft is currently working on a solution and it should be in place in 2 days (Friday 6/25/2021). I'll keep in contact with them and let you know if that date is moved up or out.

Not applicable

Update (6/24/2021):


From Microsoft:


"received an update and it looks like you will see it on Monday 6/28. So you should be able to see this by the end of the day at 3pm PDT or earlier."

Thanks for the update!

Is There an issue ticket for this?

The product team is actively working on this issue but the ETA is not definitive.  They are saying that upgrading to premium capacity will alleviate the issue.

Haha-The analogy of: When a car breaks due to a manufacturing issue. Just buy a new one.

Thanks for letting us know!

Frequent Visitor

Same here, been refreshing fine for months and suddenly yesterday morning PBI Online refresh fails with the error. Also using a data gateway with an ODBC connection. Updated the data gateway, didn't resolve.


Processing error:An unexpected error occurred (file 'tmdatasourceregistry.cpp', line 847, function 'TMDataSourceRegistry::ApplyDeferredStaticAnalysis').
Activity ID:1ae32c94-8856-41f6-966c-9f451fa3a1ea
Request ID:a19fb143-fe5c-83d9-0237-fb6f9e9908cf
Time:2021-06-23 14:26:32Z

From Microsoft Support: 


I hope you are doing well.


It is currently a known issue. Our Product team has identified a bug for this issue.


We have received the ETA for this bug fix and it will be deployed between today and the end of next week.


Upon deployment, you will receive an update from us, and you can verify whether your issue will be resolved.


If not, then we can continue working on this case.

We are having the same issue. About 50 environments cannot be updated until there is a fix.

Regular Visitor

Same issue - happens only in models that contain Python scripts. Problem disappears when I republish, but comes back in several hours.

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