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Datamart (SQL) Server Connection String Details - Port number? Share email?

Dear Community, 
I have created a small testing Datamart based on this brand-new functionality. Works really well in the service/browser. 

Would love to test that I can connect to my PBI Datamart through ADS or SSMS and I seem to be failing on 2 counts: 

1. When I Shared the Datamart with myself (i.e., I enter my own AD name and presumably send myself an email with a connection string) nothing arrives 

2. When I look at the Settings of the Datamart and copy the Connection string from there it seems to be missing a port number (screenshot below) 


Whilst I can imagine some email filtering is getting in the way of option (1), which I'll raise within my Organisation, I hoped that option (2) would work 'immediately'. Does anyone know if it's a standard port number? Or is it dynamically generated as part of the sharing permission? 

* I tried using the port number that was displayed on the Intro video MS released and it didn't work 

Many thanks, James


Hi James,


If Private Endpoints are not enabled it might be a problem of your organization's firewall blocking outbound connections to port 1433. Could you try connecting from a device outside of your organization's network? If that also doesn't work please open a support ticket and give us some identifiers like your datamart url or endpoint you're trying to connect to.




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