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SAP BW Connector

Hi everyone,


Hoping you can help here. I'm trying to get a connection through to SAP BW from PowerBI using the in-built conector. I've succesfully managed to do this previously, using an older version of PowerBI (September if I remember corerctly). The problem now however is that I keep getting an error message saying "Connection String is not Valid", despite all of the credentials being correct (I know this for a fact as I can still log into it fine using an older PBI version).



Something has clearly changed in the latest Desktop update which is preventing me from accessing BW - any advice would be greatly apprecaited?



New Member

Hi everyone,


has anyone of you an Idea which Queries are shown with this connector.


Some Cubes with queries are available some not. Didn't found any rule.

I was hopping I can access all queries which are available with standard SAP front ends like Bex Analyzer or Analysis for Office


Best Regards



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I have uploaded the file to my dropbox space now, so the link should remain valid, remember to read the "Readme" file carefully. You should not be creating a seperate folder for the SAP NW RFC files inside the BIN folder, you are supposed to copy the files from the extraced "SAP_NW_RFC" folder, in other words all the files within that new folder. Then put those files into the BIN folder, do not create a folder inside the BIN folder.

I get the following error while trying to connect. What could be the issue?




@ PK

Hi there, that looks like an incorrect configuration on the connection while trying to connect to SAP BW.

Please ensure you are using the correct details.  You can also try to add the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) behind the server / hostname, eg:  Instead of just using SAPBW01 as your hostname, you would use


Just as an example ^^

If you could, please add me on Skype then I can try and guide you through it.  Please just do not call / video call, use only Instant Messaging as I am in meetings most of my day, every day.  But I do have my Skype open.   Skype ID:

Well, i tried that also. but the issue is like this:




is it still due to incorrect configuration?  I  tried adding you in skype, bad luck. Smiley Frustrated

@ PK

One thing you can try in the meantime is to ask your SAP BASIS team to look into the parameters of the ACL on the SAP BW server. They can use transaction RZ11 to get to that. ACL = Access Control List. If your network is correctly set up and secured with Firewalls, etc.. then it should be safe to set the ACL so that it allows all. However this is done at your own risk. We are currently using our ACL like that and have never had any issues, however we have a large IT support environment and our network is extremely secure. Also ask the SAP BASIS team to look at the connection parameters you are entering on PowerBI to ensure the correct Instance Number, etc.. is being used.

Hi again, please supply me with your Skype ID so that I can add you from my side. It could be one of two issues; (1) Misconfiguration on your connection parametres, (2) The application is being blocked on the SAP BW Gateway. Do you have an on-site SAP BASIS team who maintains your SAP BW Environment? I can guide you through the technical stuff, but would prefer to do so on Skype due to the security risks involved with just posting all your server information on the net 😉
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I have uploaded the file as well as the readme again. This is another 1 week temporary upload as I am sorting out a permanent upload in the meantime. Link:

Trying to access this wetransfer page on 9/12, exactly a week after 9/5 and its gone! 


I tried to download the and create a folder nwrfcsdk inside the Bin folder but it didn't work, Any chance you could upload your writeup once more, please?

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I have a same issue.

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Here is a link detailing the download & extraction process of the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK. One thing to note is that you should not be copying the extracted files to the USR/SAP/ folder as you need the files to be copied into the "BIN" folder in your PowerBI Installation folder. I have also uploaded a compressed version of the required files so that you don't need to use the SAPCAR extraction utility, you can just download the ZIP file from the following link, extract it using any standard ZIP utility, and copy the files into the BIN folder of Power BI.
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Calling for Help. Downloaded and Extracted the files in Bin folder but still unable to see the pop up windows, Its keep on saying you need one or more library to install. Can you please help here.

Quick clarification, copy the entire folder (\nwrfcsdk) into the directory and it will work.  For example:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin\nwrfcsdk


I also updated the environment path to point the LIB folder under this location :  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin\nwrfcsdk\lib



Updated link to NWRFCSDK archive:!Aus5ZoRlQqXmr2iKCG98pLrQuUD4

I'm not able to download your zip file. Is there a problem with it? I can see it but when I click download nothing happens.


I do have other access to these files but I'm just not sure which ones I need as they are not labled well. I tried adding sap.connector.dll and sap.connector.rfc.dll to the BIN folder but I'm obviously missing something.



I just dumped 1,000+ files into the BIN folder to see if I could get it to work. Viola! PowerBI connected to BW.



I copied it into the BIN folder, still I get the message "This connector requires one or more additional components"


Any idea?


i am using: Version: 2.48.4792.721 64-bit (July 2017)

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Hi @rjm900, Have you downloaded and installed the latest SAP NW RFC dll's ? I found this same issue previously and when I installed the latest SAP NW RFC dll's, it fixed the issue for me.

For anyone wondering how to get the SAP NW RFC working in Power BI so you can connect to a SAP BW Datasource, download the SAP NW RFC files from the SAP Website (DLL + LIB files). Extract the downloaded file and copy the contents into the BIN folder located inside your Power BI installation directory.
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I am getting the following error after downloading the file and putting the contents of the file in Bin folder. Can anyone who has resolved this issue help ?



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I have fixed this. You need connector installed in your GAC library. The SAP .net connector is available in SAP library. Once you start installing it will prompt for where to install, select the second option i.e. Install in GAC.

Also make sure you get the correct version of SAP. net connector. If you have 32 bit version of Power Bi desktop, you need 32 bit connector else for 64 bit power Bi version, you need 64 bit >net connector.

Also I havent tried, but i believe these connectors will be available in GAC if you are in a windows 10 machine, so you can try that option too.


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