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The device may not have enough memory power bi - Power BI Mobile on Ipad

We are facing  the  issue below  when we try to load one speficic report on IPad. This report was created in 2019 and there are some device presenting this issue.

There´s no logic cause in some device it´s working fine including Iphones and Ipads too.

Any ideas? Tks



Something went wrong. Your device may not have enough memory to load this report. Contact the report owner about adjusting the report for mobile devices'

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I'm having the exact same issue, the app was working and loading to IOS devices and it sundenly started to give this error message. Any updates on this issue?

You have any solution? I still have this error on all iOS device.

Hey @Salvatore_A ,


Can you please email us at "Power BI Mobile Support" <> for investigation? We will probably need a PBIX to be able to understand the issue that makes the report fails to load.


Thanks, Maya

Hi @Salvatore_A, I then identified that the error was only occurring in reports with Zebra visuals. They had to update their visuals to be compatible with the pbi version update. As a provisional solution I recreated the report with native visuals only and it worked.

Hi @RuiLopes, i have tried to remove all the custom objects from the report, also trying log out and log in, but it doesn't work. After log out, it work fine only the first time. Do you have any different solution? 

I would then try and follow up the memory consumption in the desktop. Fire up the task manager studio, interect with the report and see how the memory gets affected. my take is that you may have a visual that is consuming too much memory and in the iPads breaks as they don't have capacity

We tried publishing the report with the first page completely blank to see if any visuals were to blame. Furthermore, even reports that previously worked no longer work, all this without results...

if an empty report doesn't work, there is something wrong with the iPad. An empty first page and other pages loading in the background may still be enough to crash it's memory. Assuming you restarted the iPad on this trial, I don't see what else to do without having the device. try and reach out to the pbi team, they may be able to support you.

Hi @RuiLopes ,
I got the same issue yesterday with different reports and several users, through Iphone and IPAD.
In my case I use an APP to share the reports, so I just deleted the reports and then I added them again (I deleted them only from the APP not from my Worskpace).
It worked for me.

Since Yesterday we ahve the same problem. On Mobile Power BI all the reports, app, on all workspaces are not loaded and reporting error Something Went Wrong and "Your device may not have enough memory to load thsi report"  This is on IOs devices and even with refresh its seems to try to download but again it crashes. Probably that happened after the new version of Power BI Mobile 28.8 version

Hey @Keg8ah , @RuiLopes 


Can you please

1) check if the report loads when you view it in your device browser (Safari)?

2) contact us at Power BI Mobile Support <> so we can collect more information that will help us investigate if there is an issue or if the report is just too big for your mobile device and need some modifications/mobile optimizations as described below.


Thanks, Maya 

That's exactly what happened with us, as soon as hey updated the IOS app mobile 28.8 it broke the reports

Hi @nib5ca,
I've remove them, updated the app, then add them and updated the app and we are still experiencing the same issues. Was this the process you followed?

Yes @RuiLopes,
Some users had to try twice or log out and and log in again but it worked  after that.

Regular Visitor

experiencing the same errors on ipad pro.  does powerbi loads the entire pbix or page by page  or visual by visual? will breaking it in smaller objects help?  thanks

Hey @IamJC ,


The app loads the entire report (but not its data, only the metadata/model). As you select a given page for viewing, the app renders the visuals on that page and queries are sent to the service to get the data.

Please follow the below best practice to insure that your report is tuned and has best preformance:


Frequent Visitor

Hi Milos.

Our issue was resolved with one fix into Powerbi Mobile Release version 24.9. Below there are the steps until the release fix:

“Something went wrong.  The device may not have enough memory to carry this report.  Contact the owner of the report to learn how to adjust the report for mobile devices.”


Only for app and not other environments.
No patterns on reproducing the behavior.
We have tested with less visuals and pages but was still getting the same behavior.

You have given temporary access to your test file however, we were not able to reproduce the behavior on our end.

We did find custom visuals and we have removed the custom visuals.

We have collected logs.

We have escalated the issue to our Product Group.
You have given temporary access to our Product Group but they were not also able to reproduce the behavior.

One of our Product Group engineers also have joined a screen share meeting and you were able to reproduce the behavior on the call.

The Product Group have collected the information needed.

They have given an ETA of 2nd week of January 2022 to deploy an updated app with a fix.

Thanks a lot for explanation. So basicaly I just need to make sure that my app is updated to 24.9 version? thanks 

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @rafaelfeo83 ,


The app pops this message when it can't load the report. This usually happens if the report's memory footprint it too big for that specific device and the iPhone/IPad operating system if terminating the view that presents the report.

Can you work with the report creator or removing some pages or visuals from the page, to reduce the resouces required for loading the report?


Thanks, Maya

Maya, thank you for your attention. 

It seems a bit strange to me as we haven't had any layout changes in 3 years. The Ipad is the same with the same settings and the only thing that has changed over time is the power bi mobile version. Old version it works well.

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