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Advocate II
Advocate II

PDF Export not Exporting Full Pages



I routinely export desktop PBI reports to PDF for sharing in newsletters. Today, for some reason, when I exported to PDF, only about the top left quarter of each page is exported instead of the full page. 


I have attempted exporting multiple different reports, closing and re-opening Power BI, and restarting my computer to no avail. Nothing in my report has changed other than refreshing the data. Each page is the default 16:9 720x1280 size.


Any help in getting this resolved would be appreciated!

Community Support
Community Support

HI @PurpleWave22,

This is a known issue on export contents when you try to export PDF from power bi desktop.

For this issue, you can try to publish to power bi service side then use the export to PDF features and it should work. Power bi team are working on it and I will update here if any ETA.


Please refer to the steps below to update the Webview2 component this will help in resolving the issue:
1. Launch Power BI Desktop
2. Once it's running, open the Task Manager and expand Power BI Desktop:


3. Right-click on the WebView2 GPU Process and select "Properties"
4. Go to the "Details" tab and confirm the version number is >= 118.0.2088.76
(Note, this example screenshot shows a lower Product Version, so it does not have the fix)

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png
5. If this version is higher than 118.0.2088.76, please have the customer download and try the fixed version runtime for 117.0.2045.60 here:
6. Extract the cab file using a tool like 7-zip (
7. Set the environment variable WebView2FixedVersionFolder to the file path.
Ex: WebView2FixedVersionFolder
8. C:\users\bwayne\Downloads\Microsoft.WebView2.FixedVersionRuntime.117.0.2045.60.x64
9. Launch Power BI Desktop and confirm through the Task Manager that version 117 is being used.
If the problem remains unresolved, please feel free to contact me.


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

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Regular Visitor

I thought I was the only with this issues after the October Update. Thanks for sharing

Advocate I
Advocate I

Problem solved after the new update of WebView2 Runtime, today.

So that I can download the new version of WebView2, tell me the current version, please.

Version 118.0.2088.76. All the versions are available for download bellow.

All right, thanks!

Regular Visitor

Hi Guys

Good morning

Now can normally Export to PDF full pages 



Thank you 

Frequent Visitor

it takes time to resolve something apparently simple, besides publishing the report it cannot exceed 50 pages, Microsoft limits its software, thus limiting itself

It works again as before. 🙏

New Member

el problema es webview2, es el que esta haciendo ese destrozo, ahora no se como cambiarlo a una version anterior, ustedes saben?

New Member

I worked well in a previous revision.

New Member

J’ai ouvert un ticket à auprès de l’assistance MICROSOFT, ils m’ont suggéré d’installer une ancienne vesion. 

J’ai essayé avec septembre, puis août, puis juillet.... Sans résultat !

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue since Monday.

We are 5 users in my department working on 10 reports of at least 20 pages each.

We 've tried using all previous version back to 202209 and all the work-arounds recommended.

Nothing works.

Will there be some reaction from Microsoft on this issue??

Regular Visitor

When do we get the right solution?


New Member

I am having same issue. Tried everything i could think of but no luck. Any help will be appriciated. 


It only works moderately, changing the configuration of the canvas, I have put 1080x1920, and it comes out well, the background is the one that does not adapt, but the rest is valid, until another solution, it is what it is, I hope I have helped.

New Member

j’ai le même problème

Regular Visitor

I am also facing same issue

Same issue over here.

Advocate I
Advocate I

The community has been excellent in providing feedback here and potential workarounds so 👍


Its disappointing though we haven't heard from Microsoft or the official community support since Monday when this issue is obviously having a large impact on the Power BI community. Please could we get an update or at least an ETA of a solution as I am being pressed for one myself.



Frequent Visitor

I am also facing same issue

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